Pure Natural Diva Pamper Lounge

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Pure Natural Diva will be hosting the SHIFT CON Pamper Suite – this is the spot to visit when you need a little ME time during the conference!

You’ll Meet In the Pamper Suite 

Pure Natural Diva 

Play with products from the entire Pure Natural Diva line, from Chemical Free 100% Natural Botanical Perfumes to our luscious organic body care  & our brand new organic skincare line!

Pamper yourself with a POLISHED Sugar Scrub hand treatment!

BYOGC – bring your own glass container and we’ll send you home (or to your room) with IMMERSE bath salts so you can sooth your aching muscles and de-stress after a long day of power networking & conspiring to change the world!

SPECIAL SHIFT CON SHOPPING OFFER – as a blogger turned brand founder Tania Reuben wanted to make an extra special offer to all attendees.

All Pure Natural Diva products will be available at WHOLESALE for the run of the conference – shop for the holidays and have your gifts shipped to arrive during your specified window.  A great way to share the #SafeScents message and get a jump on your holiday shopping! Those who know the brand know we’ve never done this before!

 Scotch Naturals – Mini Manicures Anyone?

 Ella + Mila – More Mini Manicures!

Logona Cosmetics – Touch up your make up with safer natural cosmetics.

 Maxin Hygiene – Organic Cotton Cosmetics Accessories.

Bex Bakes – Snack on Bex’s AMAZING cookies… she has gluten free, sugar free… and they are all GMO free and super YUM!

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks – If you need a pick me up or need to add some pep in your step!



Second floor of the conference in the Monterey Room!





3 – 7                      Mini Manicures  with Scotch Naturals

11 – Late                DIY SMASHING pumpkin face masks!



10-7                      Mini Manicures with Scotch Naturals



12 – 6:30

12 – 4                    Mini Manicures with Ella & Mila

4 – 6:30                 Mini Manicures with Scotch Naturals

11- After Lounge    DIY Toxin Releasing Deep Cleanse & Deep Moisturizing


We’ll have professional photographer Maria on Friday & Saturday capturing magic moments in Pure Natural Diva Pamper Lounge!

Be sure to follow @PureNaturalDiva on Twitter or Instagram to find out what else we’ve got up our sleeve – or just drop by and say hello!


How to Get Social With Pure Natural Diva

Twitter https://twitter.com/PureNaturalDiva

Instagram http://instagram.com/purenaturaldiva


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ShiftCon Workshop: Social Tribe Building

ShiftCon Social Tribe Building with #Iamzuri

Join social media professional, Zuri Allen Star, in an interactive workshop about social tribe building using the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We’ll review branding strategies, discuss what works on all platforms and how each platform is different and important. The bulk of the discussion will be on building unstoppable tribes of social users around you or your client’s brand! Not familiar with social “tribes”? Seth Godin explains it best:

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” ― Seth Godin

In the session we’ll take a hands on approach and build our own tribe! Zuri will lead the “Shiftcon tribe” in an exercise that each attendee can apply to their own brands and clients.

Workshop By:
Zuri Allen Star is an agent for change in social media activism for the good food movement. She is focused on the clean living space assisting organizations and brands with new media marketing, brand management, content creation, social strategies, tribe building, non-profit solutions, creative direction and has become the go-to girl for social media activism. She runs social media and marketing campaigns for a number of organizations, non-profits and brands. Her father Will Allen, who was one of the first certified organic farmers in California, grandfathered Zuri into the organic movement. As an organic farmer’s daughter she naturally has a passion for clean living, social justice and sustainable sourcing. She has been a driving force behind the GMO labeling activity across the US and is an integral part of the California, Washington, Oregon and Vermont campaigns. Just this year Zuri was part of the Vermont Right To Know victory in passing the first no-trigger GMO labeling law. Zuri is now embarking on a new role as a leader in the health and wellness space as she launches her lifestyle project: “I Am Zuri” in early 2015. Aside from her social media, activism and lifestyle work, Zuri is an accomplished singer-songwriter, a mother and an entrepreneur.

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ShiftCon at Home

#ShiftConAtHome: At Home Participation Activities

As you may know, next week in Los Angeles, the first annual Shift Conference will be happening. Just imagine taking several of the top organic and non-GMO brands, add in some of the top nutritionist, real food activist and social media specialist, then top it off with 150 of your favorite eco conscious bloggers…I like […]

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Announcing ShiftCon Sponsor Naturade

We are happy to announce another great sponsor joining the ShiftCon 2014 family, Naturade. A little bit about Naturade Naturade has been well known for its commitment to improving the health and well-being of consumers with innovative, natural products since 1926. For seven decades, the company has developed a range of beneficial products that improve […]

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Announcing ShiftCon Sponsor Chosen Foods

We are happy to announce another sponsor for ShiftCon 2014, Chosen Foods.     From Chosen Foods Story: Drawing from scientific experts and local legend, Carsten discovered Mexico’s rich heritage of exceptionally healing foods like chia seeds and nopal cactus. It is his vision to see these and other unique and ancient superfoods offered to […]

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kids with juice

What’s In Your Child’s Drink?

What popular drink is your child consuming daily that may be hurting her? The answer may surprise you. Those neat little juice boxes can be laden with chemicals and additives that may cause cancer, harm your child’s brain and more. The high sugar content and low nutritional value makes these juices suspect too. So what […]

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Announcing ShiftCon Sponsor SoapBox Soaps

We are excited to announce another addition to our sponsor family, SoapBox Soaps for ShiftCon 2014. SoapBox Soaps is not just a toxin free soap company. It is also a company that is dedicating itself to helping those around the world. About SoapBox Soaps: SoapBox is a for-purpose company with a strong social mission at […]

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gym bag

Toxins In Your Gym Bag?

You’re at the gym every day, working hard, trying to get fit and healthy. You make sure you have a gym bag full of products to keep you going: water bottle, protein bars, deodorant, etc. But what if those products were making you unhealthy? Toxic Gym Products and How to Replace Them Protein Bars What’s […]

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Virtual 5K for ShiftCon At Home

ShiftCon At Home: Virtual 5K

  The time for ShiftCon is almost here! If you were not able to attend this year, there are still ways for you to participate, such as our Virtual 5K that will be taking place the same dates as ShiftCon – but virtually, so you can run (or walk!) wherever you are. Arnicare, our sponsor […]

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Traditional Medicinals

Plant Power For A Better You

Traditional Medicinals is thrilled to be part of the first annual ShiftCon conference, an event that – like us – values our collective ability to create a profound impact on the world around us. Traditional Medicinals is a pioneer and leading seller of organic and Fair Trade Certified™ wellness tea. Our company was founded in […]

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What’s Hiding in Your Food?

GMO labeling is a big initiative right now, with several more states putting the measure on the ballot this November. What’s it all about? States are fighting for their right to make companies label whether or not their food contains genetically modified organisms, such as GMO corn, sugar, soy and more. GMO’s contain the same chemicals […]

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