It’s so hard to sum up the amazing-ness that is “Shiftcon”. It’s a perfect blend of learning, connecting, and inspiring one another to keep pursuing the goals we have as wellness influencers to cause positive SHIFT in the world! I love that there are influencers from all over the “green” spectrum, which makes it so much fun to partner and grow together. I highly recommend Shiftcon for any bloggers and brands that are looking to connect and be inspired to keep growing!
Sarah McLain, Influencer
This is by far my favorite conference. The relationships that are created between influencers and brands, influencers and influencers and just overall people in this eco-wellness space surpasses any other event that I attend. I am thankful to be able to spend a few days with a lovely group of people where we can all link arms and go through LIFE together. Thank you, ShiftCon! I can’t wait until next year!
Krysten Dornik, Influencer – Krysten’s Kitchen 
ShiftCon is a great place to go if you’re looking to learn and dive into the world of green living. To be surrounded by your peers and other people willing to invite you into their would is a fantastic opportunity.
Ashley Rowland, Influencer – SimplHolistic

Community! There is no better way to connect in person with mission-driven people than at Shiftcon. It’s everybody you want to talk with, listen to, and hug–all in the same place!”

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

“ShiftCon is an annual opportunity for all kinds of advocates and changemakers in the health, wellness, and environmental justice space to come together and share ideas. I’ve attended every ShiftCon and come away with valuable connections, lessons, and inspiration. It truly shows what a force we can be when we come together as a community.”

Paige Wolf

As a crossover blogger (my blog fits in both “Creative” and “Green” verticals), ShiftCon was a valuable chance to network with green bloggers and brands who specifically apply to my green leaning audience. The connections I made at ShiftCon last year has helped improve my blog and social media presence in tangible ways.

Carissa Berg Bonham

The education at ShiftCon is not just about social media but encompasses global Eco responsibility. My perspective has been broadened for the better and has led to visible changes in my family, friends and my larger audience.

Kate Wilkinson

Coming to ShiftCon made me realize I’m not the only one fighting. I’m not wrong or weird or a helicopter parent. I’m simply a parent doing the best she can for her kids just like the other parents fighting for what their kids and even our future grand-babies have a right to….a healthy, happy future.

Honey Rowland

Social media is *the* 21st century tool for sharing news, building community and creating personal and business connections. I never imagined when I started using Facebook years ago (to gather voices and support for an environmental film) how much smaller the world would become! I made so many new friends – across the country and around the globe. Leah Segedie‘s Shiftcon conference brought us all together under one roof – literally – to learn from each other and build our businesses in support of the growing movement towards health and sustainability. Hugging friends in person that you’ve “known” for years only through a computer screen is an experience not to be missed!

Susan Cann